Saturday, 15 February 2014

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless On LinkedIn

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is a very technologically savvy individual. He understands the ins and outs of GSM technology, and is able to offer a superior and affordable cell phone solution for thousands of Americans. In addition to understanding how cell phone technology works, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is also a savvy entrepreneur. He was able to take a variety of struggling cell phone networks and create a fantastic business from what he inherited.

Due to understanding the nature of business so well, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is on LinkedIn, and encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to sign up for the service as well. He says it is not only important to be technologically aware, but also understand how to market yourself. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has met many of his fellow professionals through this unique online service.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless says that being on LinkedIn is much like going to a cocktail party, just without the actual room or the cocktails. He is able to connect with others in his industry and vendors, maintain those connections, and easily see what his competition and allies are doing and initiate conversations.

Another great thing about LinkedIn is that it is entirely free. There is absolutely no need to pay to be a part of the service. This is why Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless believes that all entrepreneurs should be a part of LinkedIn. The price is right, and the rewards you can reap from online networking are limitless.

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