Thursday, 29 May 2014

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless: Rebuilding a Business

A rising star in the wireless community, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has achieved much success since the inception and development of his own GSM wireless network. Through the acquisition of several struggling MVNOs over the years, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has been able to consolidate and create a network that has both appeal and competitiveness in both the wireless and the consumer industries. He understands how to provide the direction and leadership it takes to turn a struggling company into a successful voice for change and innovation.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is responsible for an innovatively new GSM Network; a company developed through the acquisition of MVNOs that were struggling to make ends meet. He knows how to identify the gaps or flaws in an organizational structure, and to redesign an organization so that it has the best opportunity to meet its goals and regain some of its original profitability. As someone with a knack for business and organizational capability, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has enjoyed much success in the acquisition and reorganization of companies in order to meet consumer demand and become competitive.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has helped to build a company that is one of the best resources for GSM wireless handsets, connectivity, service and logistics. The stable GSM network that he has constructed continues to make waves throughout the industry, and to improve and increase the number of choices and quality the service consumers have access to. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is a transformative, outside the box business innovator.

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